Posted by: LucidMystery | April 3, 2014

Simple Question

I guess my title says it all…I have an easy question, but there’s not an easy answer. This is a bit rant-like (which is stinky of me because it was such a wonderfully beautiful and sunny day!), but still…the brain-tumbling remains…

My question: Why do I have to be the oddball between two communities? I love my God–my Lord and Savior. And I love science. Why is that difficult?

I want to understand how the world works! It’s intricate, it’s complex, it’s confusing, it’s exciting! We were given a beautiful planet and universe; I just want to learn more about it. That’s my science.

On the flipside, as fun as science can be, it will never satisfy my deeper questions…why are we here, do I have purpose, is it possible there is something greater out there that we little humans don’t understand? I found the answers to those questions with my faith. Scientists, if you’ve never wondered those questions, or if you like the answer you came up with on your own, that’s completely your choice. This is mine.

The way I see it, God is the Author of the universe. Science is just my way of reading what He wrote.


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