Posted by: LucidMystery | January 4, 2014

Your Parents Never Wanted You

I’ve been sitting on this story for a while. It’s a heartbreaking story. Tragic beyond what I can understand, and I didn’t want to cause more fuss around Christmas. But I couldn’t forget it.

Below is the link to an article that describes how Rhea and Brock Wuth, a couple with a disabled child, sued a hospital over what they consider to be the wrongful birth of their child. Had they known their son was going to be born disabled, they say they never would have allowed him to be born. Since prenatal genetic testing did not reveal his genetic disorder, the couple was just awarded $50 million. Because…life is rough. Because life is unfair. Because you can’t control your universe.

I’ll suspend the whole moral premise that this couple is saying they wish they had killed their son when they had a chance, and I’ll instead focus on how this affects you: if hospitals need to start being financially prepared to handle when a couple claims someone else was negligent over the birth of their child, your hospital bills WILL go up. What kind of Nazi-eugenics-infused precedence is this setting? Let’s keep shooting ourselves in the foot. And let’s pray that this child will never be able to understand the rationale behind his parents’ lawsuit. How heartbreaking would it be to know that you’re parents wouldn’t have wanted you?

Look…I’m not heartless. I understand perfectly well that this little guy has to deal with difficulties that I never will, and no, that is not fair at all. Why can I walk when he can’t? Why did God allow me to succeed in school, but this little guy will probably never even be able to read? I don’t know. But to live is to face difficulties. To live is to take risks. We were never promised an easy life, and everyone will face something that their neighbors never will. But if we continue this trend of trying to live a life surrounded by the safety of bubble wrap, sure we’ll get rid of hardships, but we’ll also ruin anything of value. We’ll ruin the beauty. We’ll destroy any chance of learning from those who teach us compassion in unconventional ways. We’ll destroy our own humanity.

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