Posted by: LucidMystery | October 20, 2013

Love Someone Today!

Today’s sermon was some serious food for thought (as a good sermon should be!), and my brain is spiraling down some tangents, as always.

I’m so used to hearing the phrase “unconditional love” that it’s almost lost its meaning. So my parents love me unconditionally…that means they have to love me no matter what kind of shenanigans I get up to right? I think that’s missing the point. Love isn’t just something for parents and spouses, and love shouldn’t be just some feeling that you act on only when it arises. Love is a daily choice. It has to be. People will hurt us, beat us down, annoy us, break our hearts–it’s inevitable! And we will do the same to others. If we only love when we feel like loving…our world is going to keep getting colder and colder. But, if we chose everyday to love those around us–our neighbors, strangers, that group of folks who dress and think differently from ourselves–how much better of a place would the world be? Don’t wait for the feeling to love someone unconditionally…if it’s the driver who just cut you off in traffic, heavens knows that feeling will never come. Make the choice to love. The actions will follow.

P.S…The sermon I’m referring to was called “Step Cuttin’ Daddy” and will be posted here probably around Oct 22nd or so.


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