Posted by: LucidMystery | October 16, 2013


Another 12 year old girl killed herself after torture from bullies…

Honestly! What is wrong with this world?! Was bullying this bad ten-fifteen years ago, and I was just too young to see it? I feel like bullied kids being driven to suicide is more of a recent horror.

You know, I really, honest-to-goodness don’t understand…just because someone is big, small, short, developmentally challenged, gay, Christian, Muslim–who the hell gives you the right to DARE mock another human being? (And yeah, that was mild swearing from me. Bullying infuriates me.) And it’s not something that’s limited to a certain demographic. It’s human nature, but we all apparently think we alone have what it takes to be able to ignore the rules. For example…

Maybe you’re an academic/intellectual and you know better than all those poor brain-washed religious folks of clearly lesser intelligence…

Maybe you’re a believer and you think you’re doing a sinner a favor by pointing out in a holier-than-thou fashion the reasons he/she needs God–say…spray-painting your disapproval on the garage door of a 13-year old pregnant girl…who you didn’t realize had been raped…

Maybe you don’t like that someone disagreed with you, so you made sure to put them out of business

Or maybe you’re in great physical shape and you think that by belittling someone who battles their weight, you’re helping add fuel to their workout fire…

I don’t know, and I frankly I do not care. You can be a bigger person than that. Stop being mean. And stop your kids from being little jerks. We don’t need any more little girls whose lives are destroyed like Rebecca Ann Sedwick.

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