Posted by: LucidMystery | May 27, 2013

When Words Don’t Cut It

The English language needs some help.

Exhibit A:
-I love Chipotle
-I love my mom
-I love a shirtless Ryan Lochte.
This is an issue because I can assure you that three very different sentiments are in my head for each one of those things that I theoretically “love,” but I only have one word for all of them.

Exhibit B:
In Genesis 2:18, God refers to women by the phrase “ezer kenegdo,” a phrase so powerful that even throughout the entire rest of the Bible, it is only ever used again to describe God Himself. The word refers to something that is desperately needed, a life-saver, a life-sustainer, something that you absolutely will not survive without. If it was Earth’s biome, the word would describe oxygen. English doesn’t have this phrasing, though, so it used something else in its place…something a little less impressive. So much less impressive, in fact, that it has led billions of people to erroneously believe that God implied from the get-go that women are less valuable than men. What is the English version of our powerful descriptor?


Yeeeaaahhh…”helper.” God described us using language so strong that the same phrasing is almost never used again because little else compares…and the English translation give us the same title we bestow on the 5th grade kid who hands out crayons in the kindergarteners’ VBS class. Spectacular mastery of linguistics, there, Anglo-Saxons.

Well, ladies, take heart. Even if the English language had no idea how to describe how awesome we are, rest assured God has known our value all along.

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