Posted by: LucidMystery | May 11, 2013

Pro-Life For My Life


An image of a crowd like this scares me, personally. As a person who was born with severe congenital heart defects that are now detectable in utero, I have to wonder how many of these women would have killed me before I was given the chance to prove I’m a fighter. I guess in theory, some of them would think they’re acting out of love. Sparing me what could have been a short life full of pain and misery. Sparing me a life time of doctor’s visits for follow-up. Sparing themselves stressful nights staying with me in hospitals and careful monitoring of finances in case insurance didn’t cover something (or in some folks’ cases, dealing with the hassle of of Medicaid.)

So I guess maybe it’s selfish to hope I and others like me were worth the risk. And in case you’re interested, I’m still not perfect. I’ve had plenty of uber fun visits to cardiologists (including this week and next week). But on the flip side, I’m apparently an outstanding grad student, getting my PhD within the next some months; I can ride a bike for 150 miles; I can run 5K’s; I can dance around my lab until someone catches me and I burst out laughing; and apparently my mom doesn’t regret raising me.

Is it some woman’s choice? Whatever you say. But it’s someone else’s life.

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