Posted by: LucidMystery | April 1, 2009


So I was working in my lab today when in walked a leprachaun! A relatively short red-haired man, he had green tights, the green jacket and top hat–the whole package. I paused with my pipette in mid-air and just stared at him, his impish face grinning and a bag of gold dust in one hand. Oddly enough, I don’t think anyone else saw him, and I was too stunned to speak. Should I laugh or call the campus police?

Before I could think of something logical to do or say, he snapped the fingers on his free hand and suddenly I was spinning in a blinding darkness–it was so dark the tiny stars of light seemed too bright for words! Then I crash landed in an open field of grass on the edge of a big city. The leprachaun grinned again and sped off towards the city–gold dust spilling here and there from his sparkling bag. The closer we got to the city, the more I realized that this was no ordinary city. The skyscrapers were made of giant slabs of sugar cookies and gray icing while the cars were made out of hard candy. The leprachaun disappeared into the crowd of gummy bear people, and I was left alone next to the city square, where a giant cake made town hall.

Suddenly, a roar of gushing water came from nowhere, flooding the streets and washing away the sugary denizens. I was trying my best to stay afloat when a group of mermaids grabbed me and kept my head above water. They were swimming us over to the edge of town, where the current wasn’t as strong, when I saw the leprachaun come floating by on a raft made out of a giant Tupperware lid. He laughed at the struggle it was to keep me from succumbing to the rapids and dug his hand into his bag of gold. When he raised the hand back up, he let a fistful of gold dust sprinkle into the air and it fell all around us. With a bit of surprise, I realized that I was no longer having trouble swimming–because I had a mermaid tail! The other mermaids all laughed in delight and dove into the depths, waving me on to follow.

I swam behind them, almost keeping up. Though I would have expected below the surface to be be like the city that had just been deluged, I was amazed to find an underwater castle glittering silver and blue. The mermaids, whom I suddenly realized were princesses, led me to the castle to meet their brother, the merman prince. And considering he was half-fish, he was pretty hot. Before I had even reached the throne room, he was swimming through the castle’s great hall to greet me, and it was true love at first site. We swam through the underwater octopi gardens where Beatles music seem to emanate from the very corals. But just as leaned in to kiss me, I saw that leprachaun–inside a giant air bubble–impishly grinning just behind the prince. He snapped his fingers and I was jetted out of the water, through the sky, and landed back on my seat in the lab, with my pipette still in mid-air.

I frantically looked around. Everything was just as it had been before. YouTube still was playing songs on the computer behind me, Steph was still at work at her lab bench, and the undergrad was still working on physics homework. What a weird afternoon.

APRIL FOOL’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had you going, didn’t I? You thought I had a crazy sweet day, didn’t you? Alas, I did not…but there is a trail of gold dust leading to my apartment door.

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