Posted by: LucidMystery | March 8, 2009

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Good land of the living, my blog has not been the most cheerful spot on the planet earth for a while. Granted, being in WV was fun, but I’ve been in a downer mood lately. To help fix that, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite things! As you read, try not focus on thoughts such “Wow, she’s a nerd” but instead put on a positive spin like “Wow, she’s one of a kind!” hehe, anything looks more fun with an exclamation point 😉

  • Writing nonsensical poems and stories
  • Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies. Originals are good too, but if milk isn’t handy, you just can’t beat the chewy ones.
  • Daydreaming. It’s a quick fix for anything.
  • Iced venti skinny caramel machiatto from Starbucks
  • Exploring a new park or hiking a new trail
  • Singing in my car. Loudly.
  • Going to Renaissance festivals
  • Getting dressed up for Renaissance fesitvals
  • Getting dressed for midnight movie showings. Except for Star Wars. That’s lame.
  • Demetri Martin videos on YouTube
  • Flowering trees lining a street in early spring
  • Rocking out to angry music and pretending I’m a darkly beautiful rock star
  • Giggling when the next song on shuffle is from the Little Mermaid.
  • I was going to say facebook, but it’s actually causing more trouble than it’s worth recently.
  • Taking pictures
  • Standing in line for hours to ride on a roller coaster, getting sunburned and dehydrated, but then screaming your head off during the ride and proclaiming it all worth the wait!
  • A barbacoa burrito with black beans, rice, cheese, and a little sour cream…dare I say orgasmic?
  • Swing dancing
  • Tap dancing
  • Well, I guess almost any kind of dancing
  • Talking on Skype and thinking I’m futuristically techno-savvy.
  • The lazy buzz of an open meadow in late summer.
  • Music from The Lion King. So beautiful I usually get a little teary-eyed.
  • Watching sappy chick flicks in a room full of girlfriends
  • Horseback riding
  • Eating brownie batter
  • When the first snowfall coincides with my birthday
  • Thinking up all the zingers I could say to someone who wronged me, and ignoring the fact that I won’t remember a single one when I’m face to face with them.
  • Being so absorbed in a good book that you don’t even notice the world around you
  • Seeing a species in the wild for the first time…waiting for my gorillas!
  • Connecting with someone who needed a friend
  • Getting to my car and not finding a foot of snow to clean off!
  • Waking up at 3 am and realizing you can sleep another three hours
  • Sleeping in, for that matter
  • Going home and being licked to death by my dogs
  • Random texts that say “Hope you’re having a great day!” (hint…hint)
  • Painting
  • Blogging 😉


  1. Maria I love your list. Those are a lot of things to enjoy!


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