Posted by: LucidMystery | March 5, 2009

Close Relations and Dairy Queen Ice Cream

As my spring break is winding down, I’m in a little tiny smidgey town in West Virgina, visiting my grandparents. They don’t have internet, so I’m on a quick trek to the local library to check e-mail, facebook, and (of course) my blog.

Upon arrival at the library, I had to show ID to front desk to use a computer, since I don’t have a library card; I explained I was just visiting my grandparents. The librarian saw my name on my student ID and instantly knew who my grandparents were, and she also graduated from high school with my dad. I love small towns 🙂

Next on my agenda, as a beautiful a day as this is, I’m going to grab and ice cream from the local Dairy Queen and slowly eat it up before I go home and wait for a dinner of my Mama’s absolutely fabulous friend chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. It’s good to be almost Southern 😉

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