Posted by: LucidMystery | February 26, 2009

Haiku: Part 2

A way while back, I wrote a post all about haiku right after I had competed in (and lost) a haiku contest. Though I should be seriously studying for a midterm, I just needed to get these five (albeit poor) haiku out of my head. Enjoy! (Or don’t 😉 )

Dead End Streets

Five roads to nowhere,

In Alleman, Iowa.

Get out while you can.


Goodbye, Winter

Falling white crystals

Pile into snowbanks and slush

Last snow of the year


Writing a Book

Pen strokes make letters

Into a world of their own,

The magic of words.


The Diamond Solitaire

Her left hand sparkles,

Catching the light, attention,

And my pretend smile.


Not So Far Back

Bike shorts and Barbie,

And Dr. Pepper lip balm,

To be in fourth grade again.


  1. I always found bike shorts to be really flattering.

    Loved the “Diamond Solitaire” one.


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