Posted by: LucidMystery | February 22, 2009

The Glam, the Glitz, and the Golden Statue

Oscar time!!!!!

Ok, so I will probably never be famous, and I’m going to act on a wild hunch and say I will never be an actress…so why do I get so excited about the Oscars when I haven’t even seen half of the movies?

Yeah, I don’t know either. But I love watching them every year!

This past fall, I entered the contest to try to win bleacher seats for the red carpet. Can you imagine?! I would be within spitball distance of every actor or actress who has done anything! (Not that I would do spitballs, btw, but you have to be reasonably close to someone, or have a superior pulmonary power, to get them with one. So that means I’d be uber close. And anyway, I only do spitballs at Fudruckers in Hilton Head.) However, if you hadn’t noticed, I am nowhere near the Kodak Theater right now, so I won’t be red-carpetting any time soon. Balderdash. Oh well, I can eat popcorn and watch it from home.

But anyway, for those of you out there who also enjoy the Oscars, what do you like best about these Olympics of the cinematic world? I personally enjoy the dresses, the hot actors, and imagining myself on stage accepting my little golden man–fighting back tears and thanking my mom.

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