Posted by: LucidMystery | February 15, 2009

Most Viewed Post

The cool thing about this blog site is that it keeps tabs on which of your posts is getting the most views. When somebody googles a phrase, it can take them directly to a particular post, and my piece of writing that has consistently gotten bewtween 2 and 10 hits from google everyday is “Love Song.” Sure some of my other bits pop up on the “found by a search engine,” but none of them come up every single day. I’m not complaining, it’s probably my favorite one too! It was a post I wrote about my favorite Third Day song (and I actually normally don’t even like Third Day because they have a tendency to sound like Travis Tritt, but I absolutely love this song.)

I wanted to reference back to it today, because every emotion I described, though it was over a year ago, is pretty much the same as today. I still have moments of being madly in love with God, followed by forgetting all about Him. My downfall at its worst; but it helps to be reminded of what I’m doing so that I can minimize those moments of focusing wholely on myself instead of Him.

And by the way, if you’ve never heard “Love Song,” I would encourage you to look it up! It’s an amazing song, and it’s beibng sung just for you, so hop on YouTube or iTunes and find it!

By the way, my referencing back to one of my old posts isn’t an act of narcissism!! My own babbling doesn’t do justice to the message behind “Love Song” and I’m not so over confident as to believe it does. I really do just love the song and think it summarizes God’s love for us in the most beautiful and heartbreaking way possible. But since I’d already written about it, I couldn’t quite do it again.

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