Posted by: LucidMystery | February 9, 2009

Pick Your Theme Song



(Erm, ignore that little copyright thing on the picture.)

So I have this tendency to think up a theme song for whatever is going on around me, kind of like living in a constantly updated soundtrack. Whether it’s because the sound matches whatever is going on around me (ie, “Flathead” by the Fratellis if I’m driving rather speedily through chaotic traffic) or whether the lyrics match whatever I’m feeling (ie, “Stronger” by Britney Spears whenever I’m feeling particularly empowered {I’ve already discussed guilty pleasures, right?}), I just feel as though life needs an accompaniment.

But besides having orchestrated notes guiding my day to day activities, I generally pick out theme songs for general eras of life too. Towards the end of highschool, my theme song was “Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows–not because I was in love (unless you count the kid from my youth group who joined the Marines 😉 ) but because of the happy-go-lucky sound. I didn’t really have any worries then! I got into my first pick college, I had a car, I loved working at the zoo (well, I always did), the economy didn’t really suck yet, I spent my free nights at the local coffee shop with friends, and I was the top of the food chain at my homeschool group. Oh sure, I hated physics with a burning passion and I had my fair share of boy drama, but on the whole, life was laid-back good.

(Sorry about the Shrek-ness. The song did come from the movie, afterall!)

That’s not to say life stopped being fun when I hit college–quite the contrary! It just has never gotten that care-free vibe back. That’s ok though! Sure I added some stress through college, but it corresponded with higher accomplishments and a higher high (non-drug induced, mind you) when I did just kick back and have fun with friends. I had several theme songs for different phases during those crazy four years and the music came from all genres; sophomore year I defined myself with Garth Brooks “Ireland.” Why? I have no freakin clue. My Irish heritage is statistically negligible, and that’s not even where Deborah was from! Maybe I thought it romanticized triumph and going back to a safer place, and I was having a challenging escapade with chemistry and genetics that year. That particular breed of wonkiness aside, my other strays from norm were the occasional instances of two theme songs going simultaneously–for example, I was torn between Mika’s “Grace Kelly” and My Chemical Romance “Famous Last Words” during a particular phase of senior year.

But all things come and go, and when I hit the point of changing gears again and moving on to something even bigger after getting the B.A., I needed another theme song again. This time around, I had some much more deep rooted emotions to be dealing with. I was cautiously optimistic about my future, so the song needed to be hopeful; but at the same time, my biggest struggle was going to leaving behind my family and all of my friends who were as close as family. That in mind, my theme song for the end of college became Regina Spektor’s “The Call.” It’s bittersweet and somber, yet still has a beautiful sound to it. Not to mention I completely identify with the lyrics.


So now I’m in a whole new era, and I think I’m settled in enough to pick a new grand scale theme song. Oh some little fun songs have filled in spaces for the micro-phases. For example “So What?” was the theme song for fall semester’s early mornings collecting plankton, and the over all Porter lab theme song is Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” (with the exception of Ben and the new addition TJ, the Porter lab is all female, meaning we had to pick a girly song 😉 And Steph and Katie do have good choice in music.) But as far as a broader scale theme song goes, I’m open to suggestions, cuz I haven’t thought of one on my own yet. Or rather, I haven’t heard one I feel like perfectly matches everything yet. I feel like something like Muse would have to be a good match, but I need to read their lyrics…I honestly can’t always understand them even if they sound awesome. I also think this a good time for me to finally start incorporating God into my theme songs. I’m reserving “My Chains Are Gone (Amazing Grace)” for my wedding (and Bethany and Chris are singing it, not that I have any reason whatsoever for having that figured out), but “Everlasting God” and “Praise You in this Storm” are potentials.

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