Posted by: LucidMystery | January 31, 2009


So this post is actually just copy-and-paste from Facebook. I don’t know if this is true of all of Facebookers out there, but the big thing amongst my 499 friends on there (I’m waiting to get to 500, then I’ll delete the folks I really don’t remember) is to write a note with 25 random facts, tag 25 of your friends in the note, and hope that they in turn write a 25 fact note. I had been trying to ignore the tags I got from it, which implies I didn’t actually want to write one, but then my self-absorbency took over and I caved. The following is a direct copy and paste from my facebook (cuz I’m too lazy to write a new post.)

So I’ve been tagged in those 25 fun facts thingies several times now (and all of them prescribe writing your own), and Esha is leaving absurd little hints on her facebook for me to write one. So once again I am caving to peer pressure and succumbing to a fad merely because everyone else is doing it. Have I lost my dignity? Am I no longer my own? Or is it really because I’m narcissistic and enjoy writing down 25 things about myself that I’m sure everyone else will love? This remains to be seen. Meh! Either way, here goes! 25 things you always wanted to know about Maria but were too afraid to ask.

1.) Smiling’s my favorite 😉 But really, I do hate being in a bad mood. Laughter rules.

2.) I could live solely on Chipotle and cookie dough.

3.) I’m OCD about washing my hair; I panic if I think it looks greasy.

4.) I wore a back brace from the time I was 6 until I was…12…ish? Straightened out that scoliosis! But you might have noticed that I still hunch.

5.) My 22 year old Monkey still sleeps with me every night. He’s getting kind of grody, even with patches and new shirts sewn on him.

6.) Today I discovered that the reason none of my recent lab procedures have been working is because my starting point DNA extraction from three weeks ago actually didn’t work. So I have been doing PCR and running gels of water.

7.) I can remember the first time somebody told me about the theory of evolution. I was 9 years old, at the Columbus Zoo, next to what is now the indoor bonobo exhibit, on a field trip with LRA. My scientific career would never be the same.

8.) I enjoy a good debate but can get pretty fired up on the right topic.

9.) When I was 7, I made Esha eat a microwaved concoction of ground up weeds from our yard, eggs, and water. I called them crumpets.

10.) My first dog was a German shepherd named Pepper.

11.) Netflix changed my life.

12.) I often wonder how in the world I would be able to cope from day to day without God.

13.) When I was in high school, I used to purposely flirt with the younger boys with the intention of getting their voices to squeak when they were nervous.

14.) Esha and I used to fight like tasmanian devils during an outback drought; but now we’re the dynamite duo. Unless she’s cutting my hair. Then there’s just dynamite 😉

15.) I love my OC folks.

16.) My favorite cereals are Raisin Bran Crunch and Multi-Grain Cheerios.

17.) I’m shorter than my mom but taller than my dad.

18.) I can sing all 6 minutes of Weird Al’s Star Wars take on the song “American Pie.”

19.) By the time I was 17, I had moved 12 times in my life.

20.) The first time I got on a school bus, I was 18 and surprised to realize that I had to duck when walking down the aisle way.

21.) I took dance classes for ten years. (Mostly tap, but also some jazz and lyrical along with ballet to try to make me a little more graceful.)

22.) One of those years in tap, I competed solo (with mediocre results) but won the “GE Light Bulb Smile” special award.

23.) I love to dress up for midnight showings of movies and/or Renaissance Festivals (yes, I’m one of THOSE people.)

24.) I’m a firm believer that road trips make the most fun vacations ever!

25.) I love my family and I thank God for them.

Well now, if I have thoroughly inspired you to write a list of your own, by all means do so!

And by the way, I contemplated taggin many more of you, but I didn’t know if you would get annoyed by another tag from this same kind of note. I tagged whom I was tagged by, plus a couple extra. But don’t let the lack of tagging stop you from writing one of these if the spirit so moves you!

End quote! Don’t you feel enlightened now?

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