Posted by: LucidMystery | January 28, 2009

Steeler Mania

Coming from Buckeye country, I understand football obsession. On game days, I used to love going, well, pretty much anywhere and seeing every other person in some sort of scarlet and gray attire, be it jerseys, t-shirts, hats, babies dressed like cheerleaders, etc. Any Columbus person knew to stay away from any road near campus during home games for fear of sitting on 315 by Lane Avenue until the end of time, and you could always yell “O-H!” and get an ethusiastic “I-O!”

But now, living in Pittsburgh, I am utterly tempted to say these people here take the word “obsession” to a whole new level. Every day, I see no fewer than 5 examples of black and gold somewhere, even if it is just a few jerseys and the giant scarf on the life-size dinosaur statue outside the Carnegie Museum of natural history. Here, Roethlisberger is a household word and Heinz Field is a sacred place. The night the Steelers won the play-offs, I could hear car horns wailing and drunk fans yelling all night long.

I’ve never been much of a pro-football person; having grown up an OSU fan, I got my fill from watching my Buckeyes (ok, so this year was kind of depressing). Yet ignoring the salary and school barrier, there is something that is identical with these divisions: the fans are diehards either way. In spite of how annoying it is to never get a break from Steeler mania, I have to admit I rather enjoy the sense of community it brings. It’s almost like a new form of minute religion. One guy drinks Pepsi, the other drinks Coke; one girl work in a lab, the other performs for the Pittsburgh ballet; but doggonit, they love their Steelers. With all the excitement buzzing in the air, random non-believers are being converted right and left into dedicated proselytes.

Mind you, part of all this madness at the moment is strictly because of the Super Bowl since lukewarm fans and barely-fans (such as myself) have even gotten at least the tiniest bit of excitement and anticipation going. Really though, living in this city, I don’t know if any other way is possible.


  1. Maria! You better not be leaving the buckeyes behind while you become a steelers fan. Even though I personally don’t like the steelers. I am after all from the Cleveland area.


  2. Not to worry! My true loyalty will not be so easily dissuaded! The Buckeyes will always be my first love, and therefore never forgotten!



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