Posted by: LucidMystery | January 25, 2009

Who’s The Rock Star?


Haha, just kidding, but see what an ego I get when I play Rock Band? Ok, well Giutar Hero World Tour. Same difference, I’m just usually to lazy to say Giutar Hero World Tour as opposed to just Rock Band.

Anyway, that band role-playing game thing! I love it! I’m kind of terrible still since I’ve only played like twice, but it’s so much fun! And who doesn’t harbor a secret inner rock star fantasy? (Along the same lines as who hasn’t pictured themselves in front of Paula, Randy, and Simon and just blowing them away with your amazing vocals?) Well, when I play Rock Band, as far as my alter-ego drummer/bassist/lead guitarist goes, I am awesome. A sold-out crowd is in front of me, and my name is being chanted by adoring fans.

You know what, though, today was especially sweet because it marked two days (and two weekends!) in a row where I’ve gotten to hang out with  a group of people from my young adults group at church. I really like the folks there, and hopefully this means I’m finally sliding into a niche here in the ‘Burgh. Last night, a bunch of us went swing dancing (which was SO much fun!), and today a little group went back to one guy’s house for pizza and some ridiculous (but ridiculously fun) video games.

So once you add up my shopping trip yesterday, my groovin’ swing dancing last night, and my rock star ambitions today, all around, though, this was a good weekend!

(btw, you will probably have notice my misspelling of the word “guitar” throughout this post. That’s because when I left it spelled correctly, some weird video game company hyperlinked the word and was advertising through my blog! Me no likey.)


  1. I’m so jealous! And yet happy for you! What kind of swing-dancing style did you do? How well do you know the steps?


  2. I think we were doing west coast swing dancing, if that’s a style. And actually, even though I was kinda shaky, a lot of the guys there really knew what they were doing, so I didn’t have to! I just followed along and I was spinning, twirling, weaving, doing all sorts of craziness! The other exciting part (very un-Music and Romance-like) I was asked onto the floor almost every song! From 9 till midnight, I really only sat out maybe 5 or 6 dances (and I was eating during two of those.) Granted, a lot of the guys were older, but they were still really good dancers so it was just fun!


  3. I’m glad you’re getting to know people around your school. It sounds like you had a really fun weekend.


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