Posted by: LucidMystery | January 20, 2009

For Better or Worse, But Remember Some of the Good


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new president! Sworn in just some odd hours ago, I’d imagine President Obama right now is wondering what he got himself into, his daughters are still in awe over the First Kids accomodations, and Michele is trying to ignore the fashion reviews (though mostly good) since this day was about much more then her dress.

I will say I’m very hopeful for the new prez. He did give a great speech today, and I pray he lives up to it. As I said back in November, I am afraid of some of his political ideas, but I know there is a lot of good that will come from him and we definitely needed a little freshness in Office. He is still young enough that he hopefully doesn’t yet have so many favors he owes people, and maybe not so many alliances he needs to be loyal to. I’m excited because it sounds like he is going to make a lot of things easier on the scientific community–more funding and more understanding of the kind of work we do (as compared to Palin who didn’t get the point of Drosophila research ACK! Or McCain who didn’t understand a lifetime of someone studying bears…yikes) Yes, overall, today will hopefully be an exciting turning point. I pray President Obama will be a strong leader, someone who governs with both his heart and his head.

That being said, I was disgusted by some of the people at the inauguration today. As Bush was ending his last few moments as president, there were people boo-ing him and singing that old song that goes “Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey, goodbye.” You know what, how childish, petty, low, and narrow does it get!?!?!?!?! The man is leaving office, good grief, he knows how much he is hated, did they honestly think he needed reminding during his last minutes in Office?? If you are reading this, and you were among those whom I was disgusted by, shame on you! (As grandma-like as that sounded.) Did it really matter that much? Couldn’t you have just cheered extra loud for Obama? No, instead you had to taint those last few seconds with your own bitterness.

As shocking as it may sound, he isn’t solely responsible for everything bad in this country. Yes, he made some poor decisions, but what president hasn’t?! If you actually know anything about economics, you would know that the economy was on its way down as Clinton left Office eight years ago. At that point, it’s a slippery slope and almost inconceivable for one man to fix alone. And besides, did Bush run everyone’s credit card debts sky-high (which then made them vulnerable to ridiculously high interest), or did you buy houses, buy cars, and use that little piece of plastic? Don’t blame Bush for that. Ok, so yeah those of us with college debt, we’re screwed and had no other choice, I’ll admit that.

The Iraq War, well, I agree it hasn’t been handled the best, but the people over there have free elections now, women can vote, American soldiers give food to the civilians. You wonder why the civilian death rate is so high? Because we’re fighting cowards who hide in with the innocent, making it nearly impossible to only get rid of those we’re after. (Picturing a pack of wolves running through a sheep’s pasture and you’re the farmer who is trying to get rid of the wolves, if you need it broken down.)

I will agree with those who say Bush made some of the worst environmental decisions that he could have, and in that arena, I welcome a change. He did set aside the largest possible marine sanctuary that has ever been protected, though, ensuring that square miles of fragile coral ecosystems are safe from overfishing, dredging, and other human activities. But on the other hand, we’re still more dependent on oil than ever. Bah.

Another thing Bush did, to which I still applaud him for, was put a ban on partial-birth abortion, a move I pray that Obama doesn’t repeal it like he said he would. Partial-birth abortion gets me; I just honestly don’t understand it. Take a premature baby, born incredibly early so that she has to be kept in one of those little incubators and have a feeding tube, but she’s alive, strong and her prognosis for survival is good. Now, take a baby of the same age, same age, and say she wasn’t born yet (instead would have been born on time.) Now, pull most of the baby out of the mother’s body, leaving most of her her head inside. Her tiny legs kicking, her hands grasping for the doctor or nurse. Now drill a hole in the back of her skull. Watch her tiny body jerking in panic and pain, then go limp. Now insert a tube into her skull and suck out her brains to ensure death. That’s what Bush banned. That’s what Obama wants to reinstate. To quote him, “if one of my daughters makes a mistake, I don’t want her to have to pay for it.” Partial-birth abortion, aka, late term abortion, is performed on babies who are old enough to survive the real world. Yet, somehow killing them may not stay a crime. I pray Americans are not that selfish.

I also pray Americans have a shift in what they expect from the government. JFK once said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Does anyone today even know what that means? It doesn’t mean you have to be the first to sign up to join the army or run for Congress; it means don’t rely on your government. Don’t ask your country to take of you, that isn’t its job! People forget that this country was founded by self-sufficient people who knew they could only rely on themselves and God. They were trying to get away from a government that was involved in every aspect of their lives, and they saw how that sucked. Americans today want Uncle Sam to fix all their problems. Well I say, NO! Fix your problems yourself! I have seen too many people close to me go on disability, and I don’t believe it. One of the most indelible images in my mind is still from where I was 14 years old at a Pizza Hut where I saw a young man whose job was to fold pizza boxes. He was in a wheelchair and could barely move more than a few fingers on each hand and his arms had jerky, limited mobility. The rest of his body might not have been able to move at all; yet there he was, still trying to make a difference. I remember I got back in the car in a stunned amazement. What an inspiration! He of all people would be someone that I would gladly excuse from the work force because even folding the pizza boxes was such an effort for him, yet there he was, proving that he could work alongside any of us. He set the bar. He proved how capable a human being is with the right attitude. A willingness to work hard, get dirty, reach for the stars–that’s the American dream! Anything is possible if you work for it! Idealistic? Yes? But it’s also idealistic to think one man alone will change the face of the country.

Well, to bring this full circle, yes Obama will be a change, and hopefully a great one! But remember responsibility too. We’re all Americans, and we’re all in this together. So now, GObama!!

(btw, Bush had kind of a cute old man thing going on, but I have to say Obama is probably the hottest president we’ve ever had. Just throwing that out there.)

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