Posted by: LucidMystery | January 19, 2009

All Fired Up

I was just reading what I wrote yesterday, and I realized how excited I get about some things. Granted, I am by no means quite as obsessed with Harry Potter as I sound in that post; I took a few artistic liberties for the sake of an entertaining read. But still, whenever I like something, I really like it. I get fired up quite easily!

Ok, well what kind of Christian would I be if my first passion wasn’t for Him? Most of my moments of either extreme joy or disgruntlement stem from something to my faith (ie, elation after having an awesome worship time or excitement from a God-move versus hearing someone else knock my faith or me sometimes trying to understand why He’s doing what He’s doing.) Even my role in biology has been hugely impacted by my belief in God, and every major (or in many cases, too minor) decision I have made in my life has been the result of prayer and hoping that I’m doing what He wants. I’d say God is Something I get fired up for!

Next up, let’s look at the Olympics. Am I an athlete? Heck no, we’ve been over this. On the scale of athletic organisms on the planet Earth, I fall somewhere between blind gobies and plankton. Yet every four years (the summer games key me up more so than the winter games), I get so riled up, you’d think I was someone’s coach! I check the medal count online more often than someone with OCD, and I make comparative studies of the Americans in the events I like versus the top competitors from other countries (as long as I can find profiles for the other athletes). This year, every time Michael Phelps swam, I had to remind myself not to hold my breath; during the gymnastics competitions, I would cringe when they stepped off the carpet or cheer when they landed with both feet firmly planted; when the women’s-eight won gold in rowing, I literally cheered aloud…alone…in my apartment. I actually felt a little silly for this one, but I shed a couple tears when the closing ceremonies were done and the tv switched over to that evening’s news. Good heavens! I have no idea why the Olympics get me so jazzed, but my mom said I’ve been like that since I was 6 or 7 (which would have the 1992 games in Barcelona and Albertville, the last time winter and summer were in the same year, fyi.)

What else do I have an unusual passion for? The Oscars. Half the time, I haven’t even seen all of the movies nominated, but I still print out that little list of all the nominees from the Oscars website, I make my predictions, then score how accurate I was. I have favorite categories, too. Besides the obvious Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and supporting roles, I also really like Best Score, Best Original Song, and Best Costumes. Also, since being in a class with Abhijat Joshi (who wrote India’s 2007 submission “Eklavya,” even if it didn’t make it), I’ve decided to take more notice of Best Foreign Film. As of yet though, my Oscars experience is still limited to eating popcorn in my living room in front of the tv. This year, I entered the lottery for bleacher seats on the red carpet, but alas, I will not be seeing the stars on February 22nd. Balderdash.

So, oddities aside, another deep-rooted flame is politics. Although my main battle for picking a major in college was between English and Life Science, I did also seriously consider the poli sci route. Ever since I realized that I had an opinion for governmental proceedings, which was somewhere around age 11 or 12, I became THAT person. The one who has an opinion on everything. I wrote letters, sent e-mails, and the like to any government leader I could think of whenever an issue arose that I had a particular heart for. But I guess there is one saving grace for me, though I have an opinion about pretty much everything, I don’t whine about everything. I do pick my battles. If you want to know my thoughts on healthcare, public education policies, activities/jobs for prisoners, government regulations on wild animals as pets, punishment for rapists and murderers, foreign policy, etc, etc, etc, feel to ask away and I’ll tell you, but those aren’t topics I where I hold back a cease fire. If you have ever been around me during an election season or when something like MSNBC, FoxNews, or CNN is on, then you have probably heard the topics I won’t shut up about. At the risk of going on a serious tangent, I shall refrain from saying anymore than listing them: green energy, natural resource conservation, abortion (pro-life all the way, honey), ID in the classroom (yes please, and don’t tell me “religion” can’t be mixed with science; your view of science affects your religion and vice versa, so to teach one is to teach the other), the separation between church and state (fyi, it does not exist in the Constitution), foreign vs American industry (considering my dad’s company is seriously losing business to countries who underpay their employees and make a lesser product…)…and I’m gonna stop now. I only was going to list my topics, not talk about them…but I can’t!!

Alright, back on track…more Maria madness. Ok, since this is no secret at all, I’m just going to lump my love of fantasy worlds all together for the sake of saving time. I love stuff by Tolkien, Lewis, JK Rowling, Gail Carson Levine, Robert Louis Stevenson, JM Barrie, among others, and none of them (with the exception of Stevenson) wrote stories about what we call “the real world.” Likewise, most of the stuff I write has nothing to with reality, which suits me just fine 😉 But it’s weird, for some reason, I still love all of the aspects of their imaginary worlds just as much as I did when I was kid, and I still go all crazy fan-girl for Narnia and Neverland. I guess on a slightly more useful note, this adoration of the unreal has prompted my notice of how kids today don’t really go outside and use their imaginations. They play video games, watch tv, surf the net, but from working with kids everyday for three summers, I feel like no one enjoys just running around outside making up ridiculous games like my sister and I used to do with neighborhood kids back in the day. We had secret societies, kingdoms with complex ruler hierarchies (I say complex cuz whichever kid decided they were “popular” got to be leader, but that changed every day), elegant tea parties fit for royalty, heck we even threw our own parades! So I guess I just have a passion for imagination.

At the risk of babbling on til the end of time, I will quickly list other arenas where my love or hate flies to the superlatives. Love: goodfood (you gotta eat, it might as well be a celebration!) Hate: rude drivers (why do they insist on honking for 30 seconds when it was their fault that they sped up to keep you from getting in front of them even though you didn’t have a choice because your lane was ending!?!?! Geez!) Love: traveling, I want to see everything this world has to offer!! Hate: automatic flushing toilets (c’mon, are they really necessary?)

I will conclude this piece by admitting that you probably also noted that I have a bit of a passion for rambling…I just never know when to stop talking 😉 But in all seriousness, there are pro’s and con’s for getting fired up so easily, but let’s just look at the bright side: it’s very rare for me to ever be blase’ about anything!

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