Posted by: LucidMystery | January 17, 2009

Dancing the Night Away

So last night was a girlie night on the town to the extreme! A bunch of us girls from bio department all went out dancing, and I have to say, there is something purely feminine about the experience of just wanting to go out and dance! Dane Cook has a hilarious segment about the concept (which actually summarized our evening to a T). Here’s a quick edited version of his description:

“We (guys) go to the club, cuz that’s where you go, the girls go. But girls go to dance. You get ready with your friends ‘C’mon let’s just go dance tonight! Let’s just forget guys tonight! We’ll just stand in a circle around our shoes and our little pocketbooks and just dance! But if guys come near us we’ll just taser them! No guys!’ ”

It was pretty much like that ūüėČ We were all dressed up, had already covered the conversation about how cute everyon’s shoes were, and we all had our little purses tucked under one arm.

I should mention that the first club we stopped at was a bit of an epic fail. First of all, we thought last night was one of their ladies get in free nights….not so much. The cover charge? $20! Yeah NO. On top of an insane cover, the building’s heater was broken! We could see from the doorway that all of the bouncers and bartenders were bundled up head¬†in coats, scarves, even a few earmuffs! (Let’s just say that somehow, a bouncer is less intimidating with fuzzy green muffs on his ears.)

So our second choice ended up much more rewarding. We did have to wait out this little band that sounded like a cross between Jason Mraz and Lynard Skynard (yeah, be weirded out, although the drummer was hot at least), but once the dj got started, I loved pretty much every song!

I’m not sure what it is about dancing that’s so much fun, but it’s so liberating! I may not be the best dancer, but a quick glance around tells me I’m certainly not the worst either, so I just shimmy, twist, and shake however I want! Well, that makes me sound epileptic, but I promise it does work.

The one thing I don’t get, though, is the concept of the random slightly inebriated dude who thinks he’s pretty much the most awesome thing on the planet earth. A little group of those took to lingering around us towards the end of the evening, and it was kind of amusing at first, but the one guy that was gravitating between me and one of the other girls just couldn’t even pull off something I could pretend to work with! He had this little coming at you sideways thing going on, and I’m like, ummm, are you wanting to do like an 80’s bounce your hip into somebody thing? Yeah I don’t know. I’m not really that experienced with this stuff. Most of my public dancing is done at weddings or in friends’ living rooms, clubs are still a work in progress.

But oh to dance! I remember a while back, some science journal had an issue devoted almost solely to dance: about the physiology of it, the effects of music on people, and the evolution of it (haha, no not that video). When they talked about the evolution of it, they meant the evolution of humans using dance as a form of sexual attraction. Since dancing is done best by those who are physically fit, the theory goes that dancing was originally some form of advertisement of how fit you were to attract a mate. Ha! Sounds like the prom to me. Is that what I’m doing when I try to go out there and shake my groove thang? I have no clue. I’d like to think dancing would more fun after you have a “mate” (that’s when you make him take ballroom dancing lessons with you!) But anyway you roll the dice, for me, it’s just fun!

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