Posted by: LucidMystery | January 15, 2009

An Alberta Clipper?


Is that what they’re calling it these days? An Alberta clipper? Well, whatever it is…it is COLD! Last winter we had what we dubbed the “Blizzard of ’08” and yeah, it was chilly, but not intolerable. A few years ago, I remember it was cold enough that my Dad wore an actual coat, as opposed to just a sweatshirt and windbreaker, but I could deal with it.

But this deal we’ve got going now is mighty frigid! Tonight, I only walked two blocks. I had on my deep-freeze-bundle-up-the-kids-we’re-going-to-Anartctica parka, gloves, and layers of clothes, but just those two blocks from my car to my apartment nearly killed me! First my toes burned, and then just went numb; even through my gloves, my fingers were burning with cold; I had zipped my coat all the way up so it made a little mask that only exposed my nose (which turned beet red), but my breath inside my jacket made nice little frosty layer. Through my jeans, my legs were freezing as the wind paid no attention to little things like denim. It was brisk, alright.

Then I get home, check facebook, and see everyone else’s statuses talking about how cold they are…except for those dreadful “friends” who live in Florida, California, and Mexico, gloating over their sun and palm trees. Oh bother!

To quote one of my favorite movies, what we have here is a lot of “ICE?! As in eskimos, as in penguins, as in igloos, as in ICE!”


Stay warm, my friends!

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