Posted by: LucidMystery | January 12, 2009

The Asian Sensations

You’ve probably seen at least one of their videos, most likely late at night with multiple people crowded around a friend’s laptop and someone saying “Oh these guys are hilarious!” They go by many names: the Chinese/Asian Backstreet Boys, the Backdorm Boys, The Dormitory Boys, The Chinese Dorm Boys, etc, etc. They lip-synch to various songs (usually American pop with the occasional Chinese opera or German pop thrown in), and they have their performances choreographed and include some sort of costuming. And not gonna lie, the bigger guy is just downright hot.

The following are my favorites of their videos. If you likey, you can look up many more on YouTube!



Because I’m a little beyond bored tonight, not to mention still procrastinating taking down my Christmas tree, I looked them up on that most accurate of information sources: Wikipedia. From that, along with following clues that led me to what I believe is really their blog, I found some fun info on them. For one thing, the bigger guy’s name is Wei Wei, and the little (but adorable!) guy is named Huang Yi Xin. They both graduated from an art school in China in 2006, but most of their best videos were made literally in their dorm room. Well, one of their dorm rooms; I don’t think they were actually roomies. A third guy (someone else who lived in that dorm) does appear in some videos, and though I’m sure he was amused once these two were famous and being sponsored by Pepsi and Motorola in China, he probably often had that “why did I get stuck rooming with this kid?” attitude in the beginning. I don’t know exactly what they’re doing now, but I think they are still spokesmen for some sort of Chinese communications company or itnernet portal or something like that.

What cracks me up about this is that no matter what continent you’re on, college folk are still college folk. I can easily see me and my friends from the OC running around making quasi-elaborate movies in our dorms or around our campus…oh wait…that’s because we did 😉 Note, see Chris’s facebook for a good portion of those movies, all directed by him.


To answer your question before you get anywhere near asking it, yes, I have been spending waaaaayyy too much time on YouTube lately. My meager social life while I’m still getting acquainted with folks in the area has made my laptop my new best friend (but don’t worry Bri, we’re still never breaking up!)

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