Posted by: LucidMystery | January 11, 2009

Lessons from Garth

I discovered an interesting combination that should not regularly be  repeated: NyQuil and country music. It’s an instant deflater. So I was looking up Garth Brooks on YouTube (yes, some of his stuff is the epitome of country awful, but some is actually really good) and I came across this song that I was over-dramatic to back when I was 14 and actually did have one dance with a boy I really liked at the time (that one dance was it, though, so I wallowed in the misery that was my ninth grade love life, hehe.) When I saw the whole video for this song, though, I realized that it didn’t have to be just about epic romantic failures, all though that certainly is the main inference from the lyrics. Just watch and see for yourself.



I admit that it is rather late at night and I’m a little too cold-medicine-groggy to be approaching anything remotely deep, but bear with me for a moment. The application of this song can essentially be any situation that ended remorsefully, yet the person experiencing the unfortunate end didn’t regret their choice. Fallen soldiers, persecuted missionaries, the kid who stood up for you on the playground and consequently was mocked in your place–each of them had a moment or cause they knew was worth the effort in spite of what it later cost them. Makes the song a little more admirable, doesn’t it?

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