Posted by: LucidMystery | December 16, 2008

One Down, Nine More to Go

Semesters, that is. Ladies and gentlemen, I have finished my first semester of grad school (canned applause.)

Technically, though, it remains to be seen whether or not I really do have 9 more semesters to go, because that would mean that I passed everything. And passing here doesn’t mean C or D+ or whatever. No, no, I have to keep a B average, which I easily kept above that back at the OC….but we did have a lot of fluffy classes (oh, INST) to keep my grades afloat as I struggled through chemistry. But pessimism aside, let’s say I pass.

Completing a semester was a feat enough in itself! Those things are long! (that’s what she…no) I’m used to ten weeks of class and then three days of finals, but that’s not how it goes here. I gave up counting weeks around week 8, when my brain (via force of habit) was telling me “You’re on the home stretch!” but in actuality, I was taking my midterms. Ouch. School started for me the last week of August (second-to-last week if you count that week of TA training where we had homework!), and now it’s finished two days after I lit my third advent candle. Who buddy.

And then classes, classes have been rough. I was out of my league and overwhelmed in my advanced cell and molecular biology class, but pretty comfortable with stream bio even if the workload was wicked intense. Seminar wasn’t bad though–just stay awake, remember what happened, and you’re golden. If any of my classes will bring me down, it’s cell and molec. Only two ways to be graded in that class, on your midterm and on your final. Thats it! After my midterm, I had a 72% in the class, so let’s hope I killed on the final. It was a take-home, but it took me 28 hours to complete. Luckily, my stream bio take-home was easier, it only took me about 15 hours.

But guess what….I DID IT!!!!!!!!! My eyes are burning, my neck aches, my apartment is a wreck with all my class notes and the evidence of nervous eating, but I am DONE! I can go to bed, sleep in, clean my place up tomorrow, meander to a park, meander to Chipotle…life is good 🙂  Thank you Jesus!

btw, kudos to Sarah M. and Jarrin for being able to deal with my oomph of late night bounciness cuz I was so excited at having just e-mailed my final in to my prof. When I get excited, I don’t make sense. When I’m tired, I don’t make sense. When my eyes are bleary because they’ve been staring at a computer screen all day, my typing doesn’t make sense. So I can only imagine what they got to see of me since I was/am a combination of all of the above (except now I have spell check 😉 )


  1. How were you talking to Jarrin, too? On Facebook?

    I loved your use of “that’s what she said.”


  2. Facebook is right. Jarrin was actually my first victim. I looked to see who of my friends were online, and then pounced with “Hey guess what!!”


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