Posted by: LucidMystery | December 16, 2008

Oh The Eyebrow…

So it’s my first morning with nothing to do and what did I do? Well, first I slept until 1 pm since I didn’t even finish my final paper until almost 2 am, and then I facebooked and blogged 😉

Now, what did I do after I woke up? hehe.

 Isn’t it great to go back in time? This guy burst into his 15 minutes of fame during my freshman year in college, and on any given day you could walk down the halls of any dorm and almost be guaranteed to hear this coming from someone’s room. (The same is true of Grey’s Anatomy during sophomore year in girls’ dorms, except then you heard it coming from every room one night a week.) I just love when he tweaks his eyebrow, though, cracks me up every time!

So what else did I do? I looked up other people who are worse with wasting time than I am.

Good land of the living, I can’t even begin to think how/why you would do that! Imagine the poor neighbors, all the kids dropping into epileptic fits. Sheesh. But on the other hand…it is kind of cool in a really weird way. That and it found a new use for some amazing Christmas music 😉

Now how about these guys, recognize them?  (Just please don’t watch the whole song, it’s a tweensy bit mind-numbing, not to mention creepy seeing a twelve-year kid “begging on [his] knees.”)

You should at least note someone is prone to watching some girls dancing with women, someone else made epic by his reading a simple notebook, and someone else who may or may not have brought sexy back. If you didn’t heed my advice and watched the whole thing, then you also caught a glimpse of the one-woman circus and young Lady Marmalade herself.

But the last video I looked up, well now, this is the only one of any great consequence. You could say the need for this video single-handedly put a damper on my Thanksgiving and is forcing me to wait until July for any alleviation for my suffering.

Oh why did Warner Brothers do this to me? The writers strike? Really? Really? That’s the best you could come up with? After I read the seventh book, I had this sinking feeling like close friends had moved away and I could only visit them every now and then. With the sixth movie, I had a chance to finally see them all again, but no! Warner Brothers had to take that away from me! (cheesy and dramatic enough yet? hehe) Well, nothing, nothing I say, shall prevent me from being the first in line AT MIDNIGHT when the movie finally is released. Who’s with me?!?!? All the usual midnight movie suspects, I presume 😉

Ahhh, the carefree life. At least for two weeks. And then it’s back to school. I start teaching this upcoming semester. Thats gonna be interesting! I’m not gonna think too much about that, though first I have Christmas and then Christmas Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Enjoy a tribute to Ben Hanby below 😉 )


Up on the housetop, reindeer pause
Out jumps good ol’ Santa Claus
Down through the chimney with lots of toys
All for the little ones, Christmas joys
Ho, Ho, Ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Ho, Ho, Ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Up on the housetop, click, click, click
Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick

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