Posted by: LucidMystery | December 9, 2008

Staples Include: porch swing, horses, and a beach

So I was listening to a country music station on my way home (first mistake, right?), and it was playing one of those songs that make you wistful or daydreamy. I didn’t catch what it was called, but one line in the song described sitting on a porch swing on a Sunday afternoon. Of course, since I seriously think in discursive tangents, that set my brain a-rollin (ie, “I want a porch swing when I grow up. Well technically, I am grown up; so I want a porch swing when I get my own house, but a porch swing sounds so country and I don’t want to live in the middle of nowhere, but I don’t want to live in a city, I want to live by a beach! A porch swing overlooking the ocean!) This prompted me envision my dream house, the place I hope to one day call home. So sit back, grab a sweet tea (or my seasonal fave soda, Cherry 7Up), and lend an ear. I’ll tell you all about it.

First of all, I already mentioned that I do want to live near on a beach. Oceanfront property, yes yes, very expensive, but the house will be little.  A big house just means more space to keep tidy, and I’m not the best at that. So we have a little house on the ocean. I’m picturing two bedrooms, one for me and one for guests. The porch swing will be on a balcony leading from my room which will overlook the ocean. Can you imagine? Watching sunrises or sunsets every day? On colder mornings/evenings (I need to figure out which coast), I could wrap up in a blanket from my bed and just rock slowly on the swing, listening to waves crash onto the sand, tasting the air, watching clouds skim the horizon. I would also have to bring along my telescope. The poor thing hasn’t gotten much use since I left for college, but I hope to be far enough from any city that star-gazing would actually have a point.

Downstairs, I hope to have a living room, a kitchen with an island (essential for cookie baking!), and a dining room for when I pretend to be formal. I haven’t quite thought up the final floor plan, but I want it to be generally open so that when I have all my friends over, no one will ever feel separated from everyone else. Plus, since I don’t intend on having an incredible square footage, an open floor plan might be mandatory for having folks over. The only opulent touch I hope to have is a bay window in the living room–a bay window with seating. I’ve wanted one ever since I first saw Peter Pan when I was a kid, and think how much fun you could have by changing up the pillows for the different seasons!

The other thing I really want someday is a horse. Actually, two horses or a horse and a goat so they never get lonely. I haven’t quite decided what breed I want yet, but I could do with a huge Belgian or a clydesdale. Draft horses may have kind of kerflop-kerflop gaits, but they’re so big! It’s wonderful! Friesians are another larger breed that are wonderfully elegant looking. They have long wavy tales and manes, are pretty docile, and can be up to 17 hands tall! If I don’t want to have to feed an animal that massive, though, I could also do with a paint horse or a quarter horse. They’re both fairly laid-back (well, paints do have some high-strung Thoroughbred in there), but they’re both gorgeous horses, can gallop like none other, and they don’t have too many genetic issues that could surface on me. If I ever want to deal with a hot-blooded horse, I would go with an Arabian. They’re high spirited but seem to really like people, and they’re pretty darn smart. On the flip side, they can be almost the same size a big pony, but even the smaller ones are a lot stronger than they look. They have a such a dignified look them, though; just lovely!

Whatever breed I end up with, I hope that my house sits on enough land to give my horse plenty of room to run around. No dinky pastures for my animals! And just imagine having my own horse to ride on the beach, galloping through the surf! Or on weekends, I could pack myself a meal or two and just see how far we could go. I could have the whole area explored 🙂

This all raises the interesting issue of where am I going to live. Next to an ocean, I made that point; but do I want to see a sunrise or a sunset? My family is all in the northeast/midwest, so I would definitely be closer if I stayed on my half of the country. So my only real temptation would stem from if I ever could work at University of Washington, they have some sweet looking programs in their bio department. Alternately, staying on the east coast means I will need to invest in some thick curtains for the mornings where I don’t feel the whole romantic sunrise thing. Oh, and I need to live on a sand beach, maybe small pebbles, but not a rocky beach. Rocky beaches aren’t conducive to running horses or bare feet.

Oh such are my flights of fancy. In all reality, I doubt I will ever live in a beachside house with enough acreage to own horses, but it’s fun to think about! And who knows, maybe I’ll be the next Jeff Corwin, Steve Irwin, or Jane Goodall! And by that I mean one of the rare exceptions in the science world where you actually make money! In all honesty, though, I would much rather love what I do and be living in a one-room apartment like I am now, than do something I hate but have all the money in the world. It just isn’t worth it. As it is right now, I can dream all I want and have fun with it!

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