Posted by: LucidMystery | December 6, 2008

Too much Braveheart, Not Enough Sleep

I seriously need to stop watching movies of grandiose danger, adventure, romance, and fantasy. But their soundtracks are just so amazing! Watching Braveheart tonight, I listened to the music from the credits five times while penning the following nonsense. This is why I suck at cell and molecular biology!! Oh, and by the way, this doesn’t have a title yet. For now, I’ll just refer to it as “For the Love of  a Princess,” in reference to the awesomeness that is James Horner’s work in this movie. But I’ll actually be original later on, until then, consider the temporary title cited.


Castles, knights, and ladies fair,

A prince climbs the tower,

From my golden hair.


Dragons and lions,

Dungeons and sand,

Relics of the unknown,

In this dream away land.


Battles of courage,

Strength from within,

Unscrupulous lords,

Exposed by their sin.


The hero’s a hero.

Magician’s mysterious.

Sprite’s all whimsical.

The cloaked man serious.


Don’t tell a lie,

Or your nose will grow.

In the lake of reflection,

Your secrets all show.


The king may show honor,

Or he may be a tyrant.

Overturned by rebels,

So true yet defiant.


Legend is by the hearth,

And history is pride.

To be in love is a dream’s magic,

When magic and stars collide.


This kingdom is my fairytale,

My creatures and peoples free.

A princess’ throne in the meadow courts,

And the princess on the throne is me.

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