Posted by: LucidMystery | November 1, 2008

Of Men, Marias, and Nuns

I have to say, I do like my name. It’s not weird or hard to spell (thank you mom and dad!), and it’s not common enough to run into five other Marias in a day, but it’s not so uncommon that I feel like Gwenyth Paltrow named me. Maybe I kind of like the universe revolving around me (I kid, trust me I kid), but I think my favorite part of my name is the abundance of songs with my name in it. I have a special little connection to each of them, some of them quite goofy, but all endearing.

Here, these are some of the oh-so-blessed songs that bear my name. Look them up on YouTube if you’ve never heard them:

  • “Maria” aka “How Do You Solve A Problem like Maria” (Sound of Music)–This is my song all over! Except for that part about being a nun, all of the references made about the character could be said about me. I sing wherever I go (albeit badly); I’m late for everything but food and I guess I could technically be termed a “flibberdigibbet,” I don’t know exactly what it is, but it sounds like me! My main correction is that one line says “She climbs a tree and scrapes her knee,” but the last several times I climbed a tree, I’ve scraped the palms of my hands, not my knee.
  • “My Maria” (Brooks and Dunn)–Booyeah for country! Ok, I will admit I never actually liked this song until I was about 15. Up until that point, Mom always used to play it to annoy me and she would be goofy while singing it. (It’s a really repetitive song, easy to get on one’s nerves.) But the turning point where I decided the song was amazing…hehe. I was in the car with Wes Hawkins, isn’t that a hot name? And he was 17, an older man and a ridiculous flirt. Anyway, in the few minutes it took me to come outside the house, he had dumped out all of his cd’s until he found the one with this song on it, and when I hopped in the truck, he had it blaring and he was singing along to it. Now, this wasn’t as magic of a moment as it sounds. Both of our younger sisters were sitting in the bed of the truck, and we were just driving out to one of their fields to feed their horses. But still, I was infatuated at the time. Though those feelings are long gone, and I’m pretty sure he’s married now, that song still makes me grin and shake my head at the memory.
  • “Maria” (Ricky Martin)–Actually, I just found this one exists about 48 hours ago! I can’t say I have much of an attachment to it except for it’s fun dance beat.
  • “Maria, Maria” (Santanna)–I have a couple little stories from this song. One is from my old homeschooling days when I new to my high school co-op. I was a sophomore and still pretty shy (I know, right, Maria…shy?), but Jessica Jones, one of the bubbly and outgoing senior girls, always used to sing the chorus as her greeting me, the first outreach in getting me out of my shell. My other connection to this song, I only feel safe mentioning it because there’s no way he or any of his friends reads this, even with facebook access. But all through college, the “hot guy” of my graduating class also sang this song as a greeting to me. Admittedly, I went through a crush phase, but honestly, what girl didn’t at least raise her eyebrows at him once? Having him sing my name in anything was a self-esteem boost.
  • “Ave Maria” (Josh Groban)–Yes I know it’s about Jesus’ mom! But I don’t think she will mind if I giggle at hearing Josh Groban use that brilliant baritone of his to sing my three favorite syllables. hehe. Another amusing moment is when Dr. Lehman saw me and this kid named Avi walking into a classroom, so he started singing “Avi Maria.”
  • “Maria” (Westside Story)–Well, I’ve never seen the movie, but I have heard the song. Ultimately, it’s not actually my favorite of the Maria songs, but it very transiently incorporates me into one of Shakespeare’s most famous romantic tragedies, just without that whole death part. And if someone with a great voice bursts into this one on my behalf, who am I to tell them to quit? 😉


  1. 1. You need to watch /West Side Story/.
    2. I know which “hot guy from our graduating class” you’re referring to. Haha.
    3. I thought Josh Groban was a tenor…?


  2. hehe, I looked this up on wikipedia, Josh (and yes, we are on a first name basis) refers to himself as a “tenor in training” so I didn’t know if I could leave as a tenor. He has a pretty good range though, spanning the labels


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