Posted by: LucidMystery | October 28, 2008

Hear ye, hear ye!

Attention all people who have ever seen my room/car at its worst: I cleaned my apartment today! I knew this place was getting bad if I was getting annoyed with it. Therefore, I put on a good playlist and got to work. Now my place, while not “sparkling” unless you count my mardi gras beads, is about 87% more tidy than it was to begin with! I still have one laundry basket of clean clothes chilling next to my closet, but I’ll get around to that.

Just in case you hadn’t picked it up yet, I’m a messy person. I tend to scatter my belongings to the four corners of the earth; but I always know where they are.  My brain has it all neatly catalogued so it doesn’t matter how messy things are. Messy, mind you, not dirty. I may have stuff everywhere, but it’s clean stuff. I don’t leave anything around that could grow something I could culture on a petri dish. I just always have my piles of clean laundry, class papers, books, a few socks (ok, so those are dirty), pillows, stuffed animals, dvd cases, pony-tail holders, and the mysterious little rubberband ball that manages to migrate everywhere except its place on my desk. So it’s all random stuff. But when you consider that my entire living space is only 13×16 ft, a little random stuff takes a lot of room. And my miscellaneous crap was taking up so much room that I tripped on something no matter where I went.

But all’s well that ends well; I can see my floor again!

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