Posted by: LucidMystery | October 21, 2008

Gag Me With a Used Dish Rag

In Amsterdam, pretty much everything flies. Drugs, prostitution, pretty much all that fun little underworld stuff that the US tries to steer clear of…or at least I thought we did.

Come next voting day, San Fransicans have the option of legalizing prostitution. Interesting, huh? I’m gonna take a wild guess that their family tourism industry will be shot, but hey, they will probably see a lot more middle aged men who are unhappy in their marriages and awkward little hackers/gamers who still live in Mommy’s basement.

I hate that my blog is becoming an unhappy rant. I’ve been whining about the election, my disappearing candy, all that jazz. I just kind of feel like this is a new low. Legalizing hookers? Really? Really? I don’t get why any town would want to do that. How many decent, upright, moral men have to pay for their sex? You want me to answer that for you? None of them. So what kind of men are going to start chillin in San Fransisco? First of all, pimps, and I can’t imagine they are too pleasant. Second, low-lifes who can’t laid the normal way-not that I’m an advocate of premarital sex either, but it somehow seems less shady than a guy who has to cough up serious money to get a girl to think about him for an hour. He must have some great self-esteem. And think about the poor girl? What kind of self-esteem must the woman have? With the nightly barrage of men who invade her body, what kind of life is that? I can’t imagine any woman would want to resort to that without having been pushed to the edge as far as she can go.

I won’t say anymore. If you agree with me, you already understand my reasoning. If you don’t agree, my opinion probably won’t sway you anyway and I just sound like a prude. But dang it, I’m proud to say that I think prostitution is wrong!


  1. Did you know prostitution is legal in Nevada?


  2. Yeah, and also in…Rhode Island? Some dinky town in New England anyway. Kind of out of the way places. San Franny would be a high profile endorsement.


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