Posted by: LucidMystery | October 19, 2008

Dream Big, Dream Small, Dream Anything at All

Everybody dreams. I think. I’m pretty sure. I’ve never met someone who has said they don’t dream, so that’s my empirical evidence. If you’ve never had a dream/nightmare, do let me know and I will correct my bold opening statement.

Anyhoo. Everyone dreams (and I mean the go-to-sleep-and-live-out-wierd-stories kind of dreams). Today, I was talking to some people over a lovely brunch about the different kinds of dreams we have. Recurring dreams, monster dreams, half-awake dreams, all sorts of stuff. So today I have been a little preoccupied with trying to remember different dreams I’ve had in the past. Do they really say something about my psyche? Yo no se. But if you dare to enter the world of Maria, read on. I do warn you that there is pretty much no literary merit in this posting; I had wanted to write down some dreams I could remember anyway, and thought some of them might be amusing.

Baby’s first dream: The dream I can remember was technically a nightmare at the time. I think I was three or so, and I remember I was in a big open field. In the sky above me-sitting on some clouds-were three big purple dragons. They really weren’t scary when I think back, and they never did anything. They just watched me. A few years ago, I told Mom about that one, and she said that somewhere around my second or third birthday, someone had given me a little dragon figurine that matched the description of the three dragons in my dream. I wish she could remember who gave it to me. Maybe that one toy led to my dragon dream, which way down the road may have led to my dragon-inhabited fantasty world.

The recurring dream: Ok, so some people have that dream where they’re walking around naked. I have a dream where I’m in a public bathroom and the stall walls either disappear or fall down. Just so much better! I think the naked dream is supposed to be some sort of psychological manifestation reflective of insecurities or something or other. So I apparently have a screwed up version of that. I have a psychological manifestation of insecurities combined with my paranoia of dirty bathrooms. The falling walls…are…a play on my anti-claustrophobia movement! So I’m insecure, and afraid of small enclosed spaces, but instead, I mentally let the walls come down while freeing myself from being trapped. Yeah, look at that. It’s not an insecurity, it’s daring and provocative!

The half-awake dream: I do have multiple variations of half awake dreams. The most common ones are about work. When I was back in the concessions department at the zoo, I used to dream that I needed to either thaw out fries or ring up customers. In the fries version, I would sit up in bed and wonder where in my room I had put the freezer, whereas in the ringing up customers version, I would dream that something around me (ie, my pillow or bedside table) was my cash register and I would try to push buttons on it. In later years, when I started working at the zoo’s day camp, I would wake up at night and think that I needed to take my kids out to their parents at pick-up. Sometimes I would get up and look for the kids in my room, or if I was really sleep/wake/sleep, I would see the kids sitting on my floor or out the hallway. Kind of creepy actually. And I would always be so panicked and try to figure out how to get the kids back to the zoo. (Yet I never wondered why they were at my house to begin with.) But as I would move around, I would wake up and the kids just kind of disappeared. Now that’s really freaky.

The phantom nightmare: My most recurring bad dream theme is the concept of someone or something chasing me. Usually I can’t see who it is, but sometimes I even see it from the perspective of whoever is chasing me and I’m watching myself run (that’s pretty rare though.) Usually, I’m trying to run from someone and for some reason I can’t run, like my legs are weighted or I feel like I’m running in water. When I realize I’m slowing down, I try to look behind me, and will either see the figure coming or I somehow know where it is behind me. It’s scary as all get-up, and sometimes to get away, I resort to jumping off something, which leads to…

The falling dream: I often have dreams I’m falling/flying. Sometimes it’s because I jumped to get away from something, or sometimes it’s because I fell. But I never just fly because I can. Usually, the best way to describe it would be like in Toy Story when Buzz Lightyear and Woody say variations of “It’s not flying, it’s falling with style!” I’m definitely headed downwards and can’t do anything about that, but I can kind of aim which way I fall, like I can make myself go more to the right or more to the left. And most of the time I try to catch myself on something, but can’t get a grip and keep falling. At the moment of what should be impact, I wake up with a little jolt.

The what-on-earth-did-I-eat-before-going-to-bed??? dream: The only thing the dreams in this genre have in common is that they are all wacky and make little to no sense. For example, me and two people from the science department back at the OC were trying to have dinner in the basement of my house, which was a mob-owned Italian restaurant, when we decided to check out the jacuzzi…that was apparently also in this basement. Once we found the jacuzzi, we thought the one in the hotel was better (what hotel? oh that hotel. The one that the dream-me for some reason “remembers” even though it has never been mentioned before). And apparently this hotel is inside the mob-owned Italian restaurant, which is morphing into a Chinese restaurant, and all of this is still in my basement! The rest of the details have faded, but I remember that somehow donuts were also involved.

 The Cinderella dream: Ok, so I have dreams that involve the literal “dream guy.” Not that it’s ever a real person (or ever the same person in the dreams), he’s more of a figure that I know is the perfect guy, but when I wake up I can’t recall the specific details about him. But, common elements: he tells me I’m pretty, usually tucks a strand of my hair back behind my ear, and more often than not dances with me. (Although, I had this exact scenario in a dream where the guy was a young Mickey Rooney and we were dancing on the back of a freight train.) I guess I will just have to keep singing the Cinderella song “A dream is a wish your heart makes….” Though if such were the case with every dream, I’ve had some really weird wishes.

Well, I think that is plenty of the unconscious mental workings of Maria to give your average Freudian a life time’s worth of puzzlings. I really do wonder where my dreams came from, but since I probably won’t know while I’m on this Earth, I’ll just have to enjoy/deal with the craziness my brain produces while I’m doing the power nap route.


  1. I also dream about trying to go to the bathroom, but there not being any stall walls! So of course I can’t go. I think this shows two things:
    1. Your dream can protect you from wetting the bed in real life.
    2. We really like our privacy!


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