Posted by: LucidMystery | October 15, 2008

No More Candy for You!

Well now! I must say I am quite indignant! Yesterday, someone ate the last of the candy out of my pumpkin bowl, leading me to believe the bowl of candy was a success! So last night when I was at Giant Eagle, I bought 4 more bags of candy: one bag of Snickers, one bag of Nestles Crunch, one bag of Butterfingers, and one bag of Reese’s stuff (ie, Reese’s Cups, Nutrageous, lots of stuff in orange wrappers.) Around 10 or 11 last night, I dumped all the candy into my pumpkin bowl. It was on the brink of overflowing, but it all fit.

At 6:30 this morning, when I left to head out to the lake, all of the Reese’s stuff was gone. That was an entire Halloween bag of candy! Gone! Anything that had an orange wrapper must have been targetted since only a few of the Butterfingers were left, out of that entire bag. So almost two bags of candy! Overnight?? I was annoyed, but it was too early for me to think anymore about it. When I got home for a quick shower before heading back to the lab, all of the rest of the Butterfingers were gone, in addition to a good portion of the mini Crunch bars. WTC? Nearly three bags of candy, gone in only 12 hours. But even then, I was in a serious time crunch to get showered and head back to the lab, so I didn’t have time to stew.

Now, I’m back at home, and it’s been about 24 hours since I last put out 4 bags of candy. All that’s left is half a bag of Snickers. Half a bag of candy? After just one day??

I’m highly suspicious that it was the act of one or two people, since the candy disappeared by type first. Plus, only people from my floor would be eating it, and there are only 7 other apartments on my floor, and non-residents can’t get in the building. Anyone who lives above me would take the elevator, and no one from downstairs would have a reason to come up here. So unless the occupants of the other 7 apartments all got the same cravings (and mysteriously none of them like Snickers), I highly doubt that it is just my neighbors randomly picking at the candy as opposed to one or two people stealing it. And if it is just one or two people, I would call it stealing since they are taking what I clearly intended for everyone! Not just them!

It kind of makes me mad. Anyone who lives in this building is clearly not rolling in dough. It’s a nice place, don’t get me wrong, but everyone here is either in grad school or just graduated from college, ie, we have no money. Whoever is taking my candy knows that. So I just can’t keep buying $4 and $6 bags of candy all the way through Halloween when someone takes 4 bags in 24 hours! So much for my plan to be neighborly. I don’t think that was even a problem when I lived in the dorms. Laura and I put out candy one Valentine’s Day, but the girls on our floor were gracious enough to take one piece at a time.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s disheartening. Honestly, stealing candy? Yeah this is a big city, and there are all sorts of people here. But I’m not putting any more candy out there; I don’t want to waste money on that one greedy person.

Actually, whoa cool! I just discovered the poll option, so what do all y’all think I should do?


  1. I think it’s funny that you made a poll. lol It was cute though. But yes, I understand that it is upsetting when you try to do something nice and people take advantage of you. I think you should hold back some candy for yourself if you put any more out!


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