Posted by: LucidMystery | October 13, 2008

Candied Neighbors

That title is a bit misleading. When I say candied neighbors, I mean that in a non-cannibalistic candied carrots and oranges slices kind of way. I mean it in a bribery way.

So with the exception of Abby (a fellow Michael Phelps fan and Buckeye dieheard) on the floor above me, I haven’t actually met any of my neighbors in the building. I know they exist because I occasionally bump into one coming into the building as I’m going out, or vice versa; I just haven’t been able to introduce myself to one yet. Admittedly, I thought up a rather lame excuse to knock on people’s doors (“Do you mind if I tap dance before 10 pm? I’m not too loud.”), but alas, it was a weekday evening, yet no one was home!

That’s when I decided to candy my neighbors. I know they are here, they have to be. All our names are labelled on our mail boxes! Therefore, I set out a pumpkin-shaped bowl of Snickers and Reese Cups outside my door and waited to see if the candy disappeared. If the candy remained untouched, I could either conclude that I have very health-conscious neighbors, or I don’t have neighbors at all. And I mean come on, Snickers and Reese Cups–I pulled out the big guns. No gum balls or SweetTarts here.

After setting the candy out Friday, I am happy to report that all that is left of the two big bags of candy are three Snickers. Therefore, I can conclude that there are in fact souls living on this floor. Or at least one person who really likes their chocolate. And in fact, at the end of the hall, someone else put out a bowl of Halloween candy! My goal is to put in a note that say “thanks-Maria from down the hall” or “Facebook me!” or something. A very informal intro, but if I can’t run into them any other way, it will have to suffice. I’m a pretty social person, and this whole not knowing my neighbors thing is kind of getting old.

My candy bowl needs refilling, so maybe I’ll out-do myself and put in full size candy bars or something. On second thought…I might be too cheap for that. Fun-size Snickers and Reese Cups are working out so far.

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