Posted by: LucidMystery | October 1, 2008


“Maria, I like how every time we have done something this week, our clothes end up drenched.”

Man I wish I had documented who said that! That quote alone was saved as a draft with the current title, but I never bothered to write down who said it. I have the strong feeling it was Chris, since the statement is from a week of mulitple quasi-legal swimming events back in June that ended in several of us getting citations for swimming after sunset in Alum Creek State Park; and Chris was the only common denominator. We didn’t get caught the first time we swam in Alum Reservoir the night before out citations, and we hadn’t gotten in trouble two nights before that when we took a quick dip in Hoover Reservoir. But alas, all good sneakings come to an end. $115 to the Ohio park system taught me that one 😉


For those of you who don’t know the story, here are the highlights: about eight of us total went to Alum Creek State Park around 11 or so. Now, the gates were wide open, and I maintain that there is still no sign that says not to swim after dark, but oh well. We girls waded out into the freezing water while the guys ran around doing manly stuff on the beach. Upon deciding the water was too cold, those of us in the water started to head out when we saw a car pulling into the parking lot. We all shrieked (hey, we’re girls, we can shriek) and moved further back into the water, huddling close together, so that whoever was coming up to the beach wouldn’t see us. Then came the spotlight. And the flashing lights. Uh-ohs the popos. From what we learned later, the cops had asked the boys (who were sitting on the beach) what was going on, and the guys honestly answered there was no funny business-no Mexican gangsters here (weirdest cop ever.) But the cop found out about us girls in the water, called us up to the shore, and gave each lady a ticket for $115. Yay. None for the boys, since they weren’t actually in the water at that point in time. And like the cop said, it’s a good thing we weren’t skinny dipping (our original plan, but we chickened out); that would have been an automatic arrest for indecent exposure. Besides, to quote a certain individual “Who would go skinny dipping anyway?”

Oh good times. You know, I have to say, as annoying as it was to pay the $115 fine, I think that is the crowning achievement of my life. This proves I’m not an innocent little goody-goody. I may not be a crazy partier, and Brianna still hasn’t succeeded in getting me drunk. But I got fined for swimming in a state park! Lock me up and throw away the key, cuz this girl has gone wild! Not that wild…but I can put a toe out of line every now and then 😉 It’s kind of liberating. Breaking the rules, showing some gumption. Now mind you, I’m not condoning genuinely bad behavior. We knew the potential consequences of our actions, took a risk, and lost that bet.  But hey! 30 hours later, I still walked across that stage and got my diploma. But the story, the story makes the whole deal worth it. Those seven other people and I all have a unique bond, a ridiculous experience. So now that even though some of us are split up because of graduation, our friendship has one more layer of mortar to it. Corny enough yet? I thought so 😉

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