Posted by: LucidMystery | October 1, 2008

Kids Sing Worship Songs to Tom Cruise

Made you look, didn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s not true. The idea of innocent little kids singing praise songs to or about Tom Cruise is completely ridonk, but suspend reality for a second and pretend it’s the real deal, just to follow my train of thought. If some group of kids really were singing to Tom Cruise, I highly doubt they would have come up with that idea by themselves, right? Some adult would have had to put them up to it. Now, I grew up in Sunday school, and I’m sure I eventually would have started singing praise songs on my own even if I hadn’t been prompted to. But there would have to be songs for me to sing about God, right? So if kids were singing a praise song about Tom Cruise, that would mean there would be someone who had written him a praise song and then adults who made the kids sing it. Craziness! If that had happened, wouldn’t you want to hear about it? Find out what complete nuts were making their kids sing a praise song about Tom Cruise?

Now, take out Tom Cruise. The story about kids singing a praise song is 100% true. If you can find it floating on the web, there is a clip out right now of a group of kids singing about Barack Obama. A whole chorus of kids singing a song, complete with hand motions, about how great and wonderful Barack Obama is and how he is going to save us all. I kid you not. From the looks of it, their parents are Obama fans, and the kids were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught up in Politica:The Musical.

What prompted this little rant from me? So today I came across “political commentator” Mo Rocca’s blog. In response to the aforementioned video, he had posted the blog with the title “Let us Pray…to Obama?” Now I wouldn’t call the kids’ song a prayer, but it’s pretty darn uplifting. Change a few key nouns and it’s pretty close to something I would sing in church, which is way too much credit for any human to accept. (And I do have to point out that the video’s youtube description did clarify that it was no the actual Obama campaign…um der…but just some random fans). The problem was, though, the video is being pulled from youtube and is hard to find, so I couldn’t look at it for myself at the time. My thought, some sleuther from the media will be able to find it, and if it’s a freaky as Mo Rocca claims, then it can be exposed. (Who likes the thought of politicians being praised like that? I can name a couple swell dictators who were) So I sent a few e-mails to some local journalists basically summarizing what Rocca’s article said (which included the deal about kids “praying” to Obama) with the hope that someone would find it an intriguing tip and follow up.

Now, I’m not saying this just because I’ve become a McCain person. If someone was bowing down to worship McCain, I would say to lock that loony up! So I think I speak for most people when I think “Kids praying to Obama…eeeewwwww” The kicker, though, is the reply I got from a reporter at Pittsburgh’s Post-Gazette. This is his entire e-mail, copy and pasted directly:

“why would we look into it if it is unauthorized by the campaign? that
would just draw attention to whoever posted it. ”

At this point, all he knows that there is supposedly a video of children praying to and worshipping Obama, and that is his response???? He doesn’t care that some kids might have been warped or whatever into praying to a mere mortal? No one cared that the allegations of Palin’s baby weren’t authorized by the McCain campaign! And you know what, if there was a community of freakin’ cheese worshippers out there, you better believe they would draw attention. So why would this be any different? Because it’s the darling Barack? And when has the media EVER tried to avoid drawing attention to something? During 9/11, the stupid media kept giving updates on where the president was and kept saying they were going to find out where Cheney was so they could announce it. Riiiiiiiiiiight. These two men are huge targets, so how about reporters tell all the terrorists where they are? Or how about when Prince Harry tried to go to Iraq? That operation had to be shut down when an Australian paper squealed about his location…even after insurgents said they would specifically make Harry and his squad a target if they ever found him. Yeah, I would say the media is definitely against drawing attention to stuff.

So about Barack. Yes, I will say, the man has style, he’s a wonderful speaker, and he has some good ideas. I may be voting for McCain, but I can see a lot of good that could come from Obama if he becomes our next leader. But there is no way under the universe that I would ever sing a praise song about how wonderful either of these guys are. I wouldn’t even bow to my Japanese culture professor when he told all of us in the class to.

The thing that I don’t want to think, but I’m sorry it keeps going through my head, is that if this had been about McCain, then that reporter would have answered me differently. If I had e-mailed him a story saying that kids were praying to and worshipping John McCain, that reporter (or the other two I e-mailed) would have cared. But right now, Barack Obama can do no wrong…that we ever hear about.

So to bring this article full circle, like I said, if there was some crazy hippy group that thought Tom Cruise was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and they made their kids sing praise songs about him, you can bet we would hear about it on the news, or at least from Perez Hilton. But, when it’s about the man who might be about to become President of the United States, well, let’s not talk about who worships whom

btw, if you want to see the video, it’s currently blocked on youtube from non-account holders, which means I can’t see it, and the link to the blog was pulled from AOL’s weclome page where I originally saw it.  The link below might have the working video, but if not, try googling Mo Rocca and something like “kids pray to Obama.” I think thats the phrase that led me to the version of his blog with the video still intact. And really, I don’t finish the video and think “that’s sick and twisted.” Rather, I finish the video and think…that’s a bad precedent to be setting and I would not want to be a part of it. And you know, I kind of wonder if it’s not all a hoax to make fun of Obama supporters. It’s wacky enough to grab attention, so who knows.

But really, in the end, my point isn’t about the kids little song and dance number, whether it was real or fake It’s about that journalist’s apathy for something that could make Obama look bad.

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