Posted by: LucidMystery | September 24, 2008

Dragons, Gypsies, and Mini Coopers-All in a Day’s Work

Well…let me begin openly and frankly. I have an imagination. And quite an active one. Corey (girl) can attest to that (marital madness?) Brianna and Chris can attest that (there’s no sea dragon in Alum Creek, silly; they need saltwater!) And Sarah can definitely attest to that (let’s say every conversation we’ve ever had after 11 pm). A good portion of you have seen that side of me; but for fear of appearing either insane or trapped in childhood, I tend to refrain from sharing too much from people who don’t know me as well. Oh, the heck with that! My head’s in the clouds, I’m a space cadet, I live in my own world, etc, etc. You all might as well see that. To give you an idea of what I mean, let me give you a few highlights from my week.

  • Advanced cell and molecular biology class: So my professor is talking about fibrous glycoproteins and how a lack of stabilization can result in bad binding in the triple helix and…stuff. He also mentioned that issues with some of the glycoproteins (and a lack of vitamin C) can cause scurvy-and a lot of pirates got scurvy. Thus was born Pirate Pete. A stick figure pirate with an eye patch, sweet boots, a hook, and a fun hat. And he likes cell bio. So as opposed to riding a ship on the high seas, his boat is about the size of a ribosome, and he floats around in the extracellular matrix, stealing booty and signaling proteins from all the other scurvy pirates. You may ask, there are more smidgey-sized pirates? Oh, there are many, my friend. Many. 
  • So today I’m driving through a curvy roadway, and I’m reminded of The Italian Job, which I’m currently watching right now. Only I drive a Ford Taurus, not exactly a Mini. But that’s ok. Watch me handle the dangerously terrifying curves of Pennsylvania back roads at unnaturally high speeds while being pursued by crazy gold thieves who have mistaken me for Charlize Theron.
  • While in the shower: I imagined rain. Rain at the zoo. Rain at the zoo when a tiger escaped. Pandemonium is everywhere, and suddenly some lady realizes that her baby got left behind right in front of the tiger’s path. The little kid is wailing, and the tiger is ready to pounce. Not while I’m in charge! After I quickly give the little crowd of hiding people instructions on what to do should the tiger turn on them, I run full speed at the animal, tackling him in the side. Luckily, he is so caught off guard that I have time to toss the baby back to its mom before I get a boost of super-human speed. Now, let’s not forget this is a captive tiger, and probably not as fit as a wild one and therefore cannot run as fast. Though the tiger is gaining on me, I dive behind a trash can just as security arrives to trank the cat. And there you have it! A happy ending all around; I’m alive, the baby’s fine, and the animal is returned to his enclosure.
  • While getting bored and surfing YouTube: Who doesn’t love the songs from Hunchback of Notre Dame? When I was a kid I went through an Esmerelda phase, and I guess I’ve retained a bit attraction to the wandering, nomadic gypsy lifestyle (that’s why we’re friends, Bri!) So with my swirly gypsy skirt, I can hip-shake with the best of’em. Renaissance Italy, Middle-Ages Paris, all dreamy and highly romanticized I’m sure, but I could do with a little tumble-weeding through.
  • While admiring the first changing leaves of autumn: what if each of the four seasons had personalities, or were somehow embodied by people? I would make them be four siblings. Winter is the oldest brother, harsh at times and usually serious, but he occasionally has his moments of being fun, spontaneous and cheerful (think snowdays.) Fall would be the second oldest, but she would be the most beautiful, in kind of a solemn way, maybe like a Rivendell elf. Summer would be a younger brother, usually playful, laidback and carefree, but with a scorching hot temper. Spring would be the youngest sister, teasing and flirty. You know those random surprise days of warmth towards the end of winter that leave you annoyed when the next day is cold? That’s all her.

Well, at least I can say that life in my brain is never boring. It may be a bit eccentric, but maybe one day I’ll write kids books or something. My daycampers were always amused by my farfetched stories about flying giraffes with their flamingo sidekicks or descriptions of river otters’ trips to Antarctica. Granted, usually it was the six year olds who got a kick out of my tall tales, but y’know. Whatevs.

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