Posted by: LucidMystery | January 9, 2008

My Secret World


Today was one of those days where I had a lot on my mind. I was utterly confused about a homework assignment from one of my classes (brilliant way to start off the quarter, Maria), some personal questions were swirling through my mind, and I was highly concerned for my future since I am still unsure about where I am going in life. Since I knew the hustle and bustle of the quarter would hit me soon, I wanted to clear my head if possible while I still had the chance, and at the same time enjoy the unseasonably lovely weather we’ve been having. So I hiked down to my own personal hideaway that not too many people know about, and I just took a half an hour to take in the beauty of the natural world God gave us. Without giving you too many details, since I do relish the relatively hidden status of my little kingdom, I thought I would tell you about this place, my time this afternoon, and some of my musings.

To get there, I had to take an easily-overlooked trail through some trees and brush. Now quite often this footpath is muddy, and getting down it is a bit precarious, but today there was hardly a bit of mud and not even any spiderwebs to boot! I made my way down to the water and sat on a wide, flat rocky bank that the creek comes right up against. This spot is far enough away from the general congregation of people that the only sounds you can hear are the ever so slight splashing of water, the rustle of the trees as the wind sweeps over them, and the occasional squeak or peep from some small animal. Today, there wasn’t even the hum of insects.

The water moved relatively slowly, even across the riffles. Since we’ve had such a warm spell, little bits of green dotted through the dried, crunchy leaves on the ground and under the shallow water. Incredibly warm for January, a slight breeze reached its way through the treeline and brushed through my hair. Maybe this is just me, since I love the outdoors, or maybe it really is a universal experience, but there is just something soothing about being so close to nature. I feel like when I am far away from the overwhelming aura of the modern world, I can break down my walls and experience freedom.

I also can let my imagination run wild and dream up new stories and fantasies that might never have otherwise existed. Nothing is less inspiring than staring at a blinking cursor on a blank Word page; but when you see the wonder of our own world, you can shift it however you like into a whole other world. That’s why I picked a look at Rivendell (come on people, Lord of the Rings, remember who you’re listening to) to be my image for this entry. When I imagine Frances Hodgson Burnett as she dreamed up the secret garden, CS Lewis as he imagined Narnia, Gail Caron Levine as she concocted Frell, or JRR Tolkien as he mapped out Middle Earth, I envision authors who were out in nature gathering experiences they use to produce their wonderlands. They needed “scope for the imagination,” to quote Anne, with an E. (Actually, Sarah, I haven’t read the books in forever, was that actually in the book or just the movie?)

Having a secret world is having an escape, a niche, an inspiration, and a meeting place with God all in one! I loved visiting my hideaway today, and I really need to make a point of going there more often.

(I wanted to point out for those of you concerned about my safety while I am hidden away, my little spot actually isn’t as secluded as it sounds. From where I sit, I can see four houses, and because of their position, they actually probably have a better view of me than I do of them. And the reason I can’t hear most people isn’t because I really am that far away from a busy spot, I just normally chose to go when there is the least amount of traffic. Other ladies, I highly encourage you to be conscientious when being a loner or when selecting your own hiding place!)


  1. This is a good sentence:

    “When I imagine Frances Hodgson Burnett as she dreamed up the secret garden, CS Lewis as he imagined Narnia, Gail Caron Levine as she concocted Frell, or JRR Tolkien as he mapped out Middle Earth, I envision authors who were out in nature gathering experiences they use to produce their wonderlands.”

    I liked the parallelism, and all the synonyms for “imagined.”

    I wonder whether you can use your secret space to get inspiration for our playwriting class! Maybe someone in your play can go to a secluded spot and say a soliloquy. But we know those aren’t very realistic.

    Can’t confirm the Anne quote.


  2. What a lovely description of your little place! It’s sounds so heavenly. Alas, I’m too much of a baby to get to go to my happy place during the winter. And on these days where it was warm, I didn’t have the time to spend!


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