Posted by: LucidMystery | January 7, 2008

First Day of School, but in the Winter Time!


I realize it’s not really the first day of school, just the first day of winter quarter; but we’ve had such a long break, it might as well be “the first day of school.” My roommate (yay she’s back!) pointed out that I had planned everything out like my outfit and all that jazz, just like a real first day, and it kind of amused me and started a trip down memory lane.

Do you all remember back when you were a kid what a big day it was? Now granted, I didn’t have a first day exactly like most of you did, but the starting up of the homeschool groups every fall did the same thing for all of us sheltered kids. We wore our favorite outfits, brought a Lunchable (the cool lunch, after all), stuffed our backpacks with brand new Lisa Frank pens and pencils, and made sure we arrived extra early to get a good seat!

What’s crazy, though is that I think that since this is the first day of winter quarter, it’s even more exciting than fall! Think of all can do in the winter! Snowball fights, snow angels, sledding, ice skating, hot chocolate–I’m getting excited! And honestly, is there anything more beautiful than taking a walk in the snow at night as it’s falling all around you? The world is silent as tiny little snowflakes fall and catch in your hair and in your hands. I used to imagine that each little snowflake was really a fairy, and when the snow melted, it was just the fairies way of quickly traveling to somewhere else in the world to give some winter beauty to someone else. Of course, I realize that since school will be starting back up, it’s a little challenging to thoroughly enjoy all of these winter time joys while still getting all your work done, but it’s manageable! And besides, it’s 58 degrees out there right now, so I don’t think it’s a problem!

Well, I better make this one short. Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 8:00 am (eep!) is my first class for the day. Will I make it on time? Tomorrow, yes. In the future…that’s debatable.


  1. Oh Maria! I can’t wait for the time when we can go sledding, ice skating and many other winter time activities. count me in when it comes to moon lit walks with the snow falling down on us. wow that sounds pretty romantic. i’m currently working in the campus center but my amazing bose said i could watch the game in the lounge and lock up around 10! Go BUCKS!


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