Posted by: LucidMystery | January 4, 2008

What Does One Do With A Blog?

Sooooo….I have a blog? I must admit, as I have never before been the proud owner of such a commodity, my intentions for its use are a bit muddy still. Of the various uses for blogs that I have witnessed, I have only gathered clear ideas on what I will not use it for. I certainly will not cave to cowardice and allow this page to be a substitute for personally expressing a matter that should be kept personal, but neither will I allow this blog to be my happy facade that blinds those around me to my true feelings. For example, if I am deeply hurt by something Anpewnfkjnx did, then I may note on my blog that I am struggling, but I will not address Anpewnfkjnx through the blog. No no.

My blog will also never become a mere agenda of my day to day activities. 11:34 I woke up. 11:42 I rolled out of bed. 11:44 I blinded myself in the bathroom by turning on the lights too quickly. Nopers. That’s no fun. Well, perhaps at one day in the future, after my readers have become accustomed to my standard entries (which will all be of impeccable quality…duh), I might do something of the sort.

 Finally, I do not want this blog to become my sole source of venting. If every blog relates only to what in the outside world has made me unhappy, no one will want to read it! Granted, if there is a genuine difficulty I am facing, then I would most certainly wish to update the progress of the situation. However, I would prefer my blogs to not take on the daily pattern of grumbling. ie…”Today I lost one of my pink teddy bear socks with sparkly hearts. My life sucks.” Or…”The drive thru guy at Taco Bell didn’t give me one of my burritos. Blast it all with a feathery cap.” Here again, if the drive thru guy at Taco Bell really did forget to give me a burrito, that probably will appear in my blog. But say the drive thru guy demonstrates repeated examples of incompetence, I doubt I will document each of his offenses unless they always involve my refried beans. Don’t mess with that.

 By this point, I assume everyone has a clear understanding of what will probably not appear in my future blogs. That still leaves a wide open door of what expect, and even I don’t know what untapped stories lie waiting to be typed. Let’s examine some of my options, though, shall we?

Should this low-key example of pop culture internet literature be for my own nonsensical musings, or should it reflect my inner dialogue of life’s most ambiguous uncertainties?

Should my blog state only truth and matters of moral conviction, or can it be my outlet for whimsical invention where my imagination rules supreme?

 Should I limit myself in subject matter for fear that once someone has an insight to the genuine soul that is Maria Wheeler they will lower their opinion of me, or should I rest in the notion that only close friends (and therefore, those who shouldn’t be surprised at what I come up with) will come across these ramblings?

Should I delve into the most pressing topics and questions in the scientific world and give my take on such notions as the possible effects of anthropogenic sound on the behavioral ecology and deep dive physiology of cetaceans, or should this be a space free from words where I have to use Google to verify my spelling?

Should I focus on past events that shaped the character traits that define who I am now, or should I accept the events that happened and instead focus on what I can do in the present and future to shape who I want to become?

 Really, this is a question for the ages: what does one do with a blog? Yet I think the answer is far less philosophical than Plato would have it be.

What does one do with a blog? Whatever the heck I want!

(Insert big cheesy grin)


  1. Couple of things:

    1) I am going to add you to my blog roll. I expect you do the same to me.

    2) The “blogging dilemma” is one we all face. What will your identity be? What will you write about? I am still trying to answer both those questions.

    3) Do you judge me for my first post in which I documented my daily schedule for winter break? For the record, I wasn’t blabbering aimlessly. I did have a purpose. I wanted to encourage discussion. Thank you very much :-P!


  2. Oops! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to knock yours, I forgot about that one. I was thinking more along the lines of my diary from when I was eight years old and would literally write down what I did that day: school, lunch, play with Barbies, etc.

    btw, how do I add to my blog roll?


  3. MAREE-REE (that’s my new name for you btws)! I’m so glad you joined us here in the blogosphere. People have given a bad name to blogs. Is it all a little self indulgent? Sure. But it also is an amazing and invaluable place where friends, and even strangers, can share ideas, give advice, and read solid, honest writing.


  4. From your blog management screen you click on the “Blogroll” tab. There should be a sentence saying:

    Here you add links to sites that you visit often and share them on your blog.

    You click on the words “add links.” This will bring you to a screen where you can type the websites you visit and how you want to label them. I hope this helps!


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