Posted by: LucidMystery | January 4, 2008

Captain Oblivious


Second blog, here we go. First of all, I’d like to mention that my list of things I did not want my blog to be were in no way derived from anyone who will end up reading my writing. In retrospect, I think I that maybe I should have phrased some of that stuff differently if mentioning it at all. *Sigh* Well, all of you who know me realize how often it is that I stick my foot in my mouth. (btw, does anyone else find that saying to be completely odd?)

Anyway. My purpose for writing now is In Memoriam. Ladies and Gentlemen, I came to the realization today that Keiko the killer whale (of the Free Willy movies) died of pneumonia in December…of 2003. How did I not know this before??? To the best of my knowledge until about two hours ago, Keiko was happily splashing away in some Norwegian fjord with a new pod of friends while tourists still tracked him down to take pictures of the famous drooping dorsal mammal. I find it embarrassing that this piece of information either never made it to me (somehow?!) or worse yet…I forgot???

Can I call myself an aspiring marine biologist? Can I even call myself a scientist? Keiko’s story went beyond the realm of mere marine mammalogy and called for experts in wildlife behavior and rehabilitation, habitat design, education interpretation, not to mention the thinkers behind logistical details involved with moving an animal whose body is so large that gravity can kill it. How could I have missed this? I followed Keiko’s relocation from Mexico to Oregon then from Orgeon to Scandinavian waters. How could I miss the crucial detail that he died!?!? What would I have done if I had not picked up Bridget’s copy of People magazine’s issue commemorating some of the great losses of the past 65 years? Would I have continued to wander about in my blissful ignorance? Would have given bad information to someone who for whatever reason asked me if I knew about Keiko? Have I already given someone bad information? What else am I misinformed about? Who has tails–monkeys or apes????

 I understand that this may all seem very exagerated and irrelevent considering the whale died a little over four years ago, but this is Willy we are talking about, people! The first book I ever read to myself was all about whales, and I read it not too long before Free Willy was released to theaters. Therefore, though Free Willy did not predate my love for large marine mammals, it certainly cemented it! I consider myself an advocate of rehabilitating and releasing captive animals into the wild, but I somehow missed out on vital information from one of the most famous examples of captive release! Wow. I shame myself.


  1. Oh Maria! I will always remember the reaction on your face when you found out that he had died. And not just the fact that he had died but four years ago. Good thing we have magazine’s like People which can inform us of important things that have happened like Keiko’s death or the fact that Brittani Spears has been hospitalized then released and at the same time Dr. Phil talked with her. What world are we living in when Brittani Spears makes all the head lines and we have forgotten about the loses of many lives in Iraq and other many others!


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